Repairing a Vintage Pull String Ventriloquist Doll

Vintage toy ventriloquist dummies have a common problem - the rubber band inside the head that holds the mouth closed disintegrates, leaving the mouth constantly open. In this video I show how I fixed the problem on this Danny O'Day dummy by Juro Novelty Co. Find ventriloquist dolls on eBay!

Poor Pitiful Pearl & Her Creator, William Steig

This article was published in the December 25, 1956 issue of Look magazine, and shows the brand new (at that time) Poor Pitiful Pearl doll by Brookglad, in her original outfit and the extra dress that she came with. Her creator, William Steig, was very well known at that time as an illustrator and cartoonist, primarily for The New Yorker magazine. What especially interesting here is the illustration showing his original drawing of Pearl. The article states that there would be a Poor Pitiful Pearl book the following spring, but I can't find any information to confirm that it was ever published. He began a second career illustrating children's books in the late 1960s, and it's this work for which he is best remembered today.
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Cleaning Dolls with a Microbrush - Antique Asian All Bisque Doll

A Microbrush is a tool you can use to clean around small features and get in hard to reach places on your dolls when you don't want to get them too wet. Find Microbrush applicators on eBay:

Doll News Magazine Spring 2018 is Here!

Check out the latest issue of Doll News magazine - this is possibly the best issue they've ever published for fans of vintage dolls! Includes great articles on the history of Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls, Kachina dolls of the Pueblo Indians, Remco's Littlechap Family, Hallmark doll greeting cards, Effanbee's Most Happy Family and other family doll sets of the late 1950s, Russian stockinette dolls, and much more.