World of Love Dolls 1970s Television Commercial

Groovy ad from the early '70s for Hasbro's World of Love dolls. This is apparently from the first year of production, as Music and Adam are not mentioned.

28" Bride Doll by Eegee (1950s)

Body Construction
This 28" doll has a hard plastic torso and legs with soft vinyl head and arms. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. She has an unusual construction in that her face and legs, with high heel feet, are obviously adult, while her flat-chested, pot-bellied torso and stubby arms are more like a child. She is a walking doll and her head turns.
She has blonde hair rooted in a short, curly style, vibrant blue sleep eyes with lashes, and painted lashes under each eye. Her lips are red, while her fingernails are more of a rosy peach color. Her toenails are unpainted.

She is marked "EEGEE" on the back of her neck.

Our blushing bride wears a satin, lace and tulle wedding gown which was available in a variety of styles. Her wired hoop petticoat is attached, and she also wears white taffeta panties, nylon hose and American Character style white heels. Her jewelry also varied, but would have included teardrop pearl earrings, a rhinestone engagement ring, and some type of neckace. She carries a small bouquet of white fabric flowers. Her tulle veil may be decorated with rhinestones, flowers, braid, netting or all of the above. The same doll was also sold in a street dress under the name Little Debutante.

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Doreena Ballerina Doll by Valentine (1957)

Doreena Ballerina was advertised by Valentine in 1957. She has jointed knees and ankles which enable her to wear flats, high heels or ballet slippers. She was available in a variety of ballet costumes, which are pictured in the brochure that came with her. Her special stand enabled her to post on her toes, and she had an extra outfit as well.

She was also sold with a 40 piece "Ballet Tour" gift set which included a stage set.

Extra outfit

Concertina - Musical Ballerina Doll by Valentine (1958)

20" Concertina was advertised by Valentine in 1958. She could be purchased in her Swan Lake costume, or in a gift set with several extra outfits. She has jointed knees and ankles.

Scan from Art National Manufacturers Distributing Co. catalog.

Kerr & Hinz Dolls (1940s)

Kerr & Hinz was the trade name for a line of small all bisque dolls made by the Santa Clara Tile Co. in the 1930s and '40s. They originally made dolls for Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls, then began selling the dolls under their own name. A lawsuit followed, and the remaining stock was forgotten in a warehouse until it was discovered in the 1970s.

The company made babies, pudgy toddlers and slim children from 4" to 7" tall. They are incised K&H USA on their backs. The girls have mohair wigs. Dolls were sold dressed and undressed. Kerr & Hinz dolls were popular with women's groups who bought them by the dozen to costume and sell at fundraisers.

A Wedding Party set was made with bride, groom, flower girl, ring bearer, and four bridesmaids. See it here.

Photo by Franklin Lim-Liao.

Photo by Franklin Lim-Liao.

Photo by eBay seller dreamalong.

Photo by eBay seller dreamalong.