1924 Cincinnati Doll Company - Composition Carnival Kewpie Dolls

I scanned this rare copy of the Cincinnati Doll Co. catalog from 1924. They offered several different models of the composition dolls which are often called "carnival Kewpies" by collectors. These are not real Kewpie dolls, and were also sold in stores as well as given as carnival prizes. Their doll lamps are interesting too. I saw one of these at an auction recently, but unfortunately didn't win it. (Note to self: take pictures of stuff at auctions!) The company offered other items in addition to dolls, I am including those pages too.

Happy Halloween from Barbie, Tressy, Toni and me!

Although I've been collecting dolls for 25 years, this is the first time I've ever put together a group of dolls for a holiday or occasion. Not sure why it took me this long, but I'm going to be doing it a lot more often! Some of them are wearing Halloween outfits, and others are just dressed in orange. I've got a little bit of everything here from antique to modern.

This is a Madame Alexander 18” play doll. Not sure if she has a name. I got her just the other night at an auction, in a box lot with some other dolls that were in rough shape. Although I mostly collect just vintage dolls, I wanted another 18” doll to go along with my Magic Attic Keisha. I got her a cool Halloween outfit made by my friend Mary Ann. It’s made of skull and spider print fabric, the skirt has the same fabric with a layer of sparkly tulle over that. She also has a trick or treat bag. Getting this outfit was what inspired me to do the display.

This is a Sasha "Blue Gingham," made by Trendon in the ‘70s. I won her cute orange dress in the raffle at a Sasha luncheon I went to last year.

This is a vintage Tressy doll by Ideal from the early 1970s. She’s one of the grow hair dolls, and she’s wearing her friend Crissy’s original orange dress. I got a pair of black shoes on eBay to match her hair.

This is an Ideal Toni doll from the 1950s. I think this dress was also made by Mary Ann. Her hair is pretty messy. Most of my dolls have messy hair, I’m no good at styling it. I should only be allowed to collect dolls with molded hair!

Here’s an Edith Flack Ackley cloth doll. I was told she lost her yarn hair in a fight with a dog some years ago. I meant to give her new hair, but have never gotten around to it. I gave her the orange knit hat to keep her head warm. Her dress has pretty fall colors. She has a padded bustline and is entirely hand stitched, so she may have been made by Mrs. Ackley herself.

This Barbie clone is Miss Orient from the "Children of All Nations United" series by Uneeda from the 1960s. She has the Wendy Ward or Miss Debutante head mold with sleep eyes, but she has a regular fashion doll type body. Her orange and black kimono coordinates nicely with the Halloween dolls.

This is the reproduction "Silken Flame" Barbie doll from 1997. I originally designed the witch outfit to dress an Ideal "Bewitched" Samantha doll, but I ended up selling that doll and made another outfit for Barbie. The cape attaches to the bodice of the dress with hooks and eyes, so she can have two different looks.

I resisted collecting teddy bears for a long time, but now I seem to be accumulating them. This is a hand made vintage bear, don’t know who made her, but I liked the fact that her orange dress matches her orange eyes. She’s got a very cute face with a little bit of a snout. I love her.

Here’s one of the Hasbro Dolly Darlings from the mid 1960s. She’s called "Beth at the Supermarket," and originally came with a little shopping cart and some miniature food items. Now here’s a doll who’s hair I can’t mess up!

This is an antique celluloid baby doll made by Viscoloid. She has a very pretty face, and bent baby legs. Nothing to do with Halloween, but her dress coordinates with the others, and I get to enjoy her up close for a few days.

This is Hoppy vander Hare wearing her "Bunny Bones" Halloween costume. I love the hat that her long ears fit in to. The skeleton printed on the costume supposedly glows in the dark. I should put her out in the sun for a few hours and see if it still works. She was made in the ‘90s by North American Bear Company.

And here’s her friend Muffy vander Bear, wearing her "Black Cat" costume. It’s made of velveteen with embroidery to look like claws. There’s a little elastic loop on one paw so she can hold her mask. Muffy and Hoppy both have little Trick or Treat bags, I don’t know what I did with them.

I also wanted to show you this cute Halloween costume made by my friend Phyllis for a Leeann doll. Unfortunately I can’t find Leeann! She’s packed away somewhere.

Are you dressing your dolls up for Halloween? If you are, post the link to your blog post, video or instagram in the comments, I’d love to see them! Have a safe and happy holiday!

Withington Auction Preview - October 2018 - Treasures of Childhoods Past

Rare and wonderful antique dolls including Izannah Walker, Martha Chase, Bru, Jumeau, Huret, Kestner and many more, on view in this preview of Withington Auction's October 18-19, 2018 sale. Enjoy!

Let's Go to a Doll Show! Antique, Vintage and Modern Dolls, Artist Bears, Dollhouse Miniatures and More!

A tour of the Seacoast Doll, Bear and Folk Art Show held in North Hampton, NH in June 2018. See fabulous antique French and German bisque dolls, vintage composition dolls, cloth and hard plastic dolls, artist made bears, folk art animals, dollhouse miniatures both antique and modern, and much more!


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Repairing a Vintage Pull String Ventriloquist Doll

Vintage toy ventriloquist dummies have a common problem - the rubber band inside the head that holds the mouth closed disintegrates, leaving the mouth constantly open. In this video I show how I fixed the problem on this Danny O'Day dummy by Juro Novelty Co. Find ventriloquist dolls on eBay!

Poor Pitiful Pearl & Her Creator, William Steig

This article was published in the December 25, 1956 issue of Look magazine, and shows the brand new (at that time) Poor Pitiful Pearl doll by Brookglad, in her original outfit and the extra dress that she came with. Her creator, William Steig, was very well known at that time as an illustrator and cartoonist, primarily for The New Yorker magazine. What especially interesting here is the illustration showing his original drawing of Pearl. The article states that there would be a Poor Pitiful Pearl book the following spring, but I can't find any information to confirm that it was ever published. He began a second career illustrating children's books in the late 1960s, and it's this work for which he is best remembered today.
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Cleaning Dolls with a Microbrush - Antique Asian All Bisque Doll

A Microbrush is a tool you can use to clean around small features and get in hard to reach places on your dolls when you don't want to get them too wet. Find Microbrush applicators on eBay: https://ebay.to/2GrGG8f

Doll News Magazine Spring 2018 is Here!

Check out the latest issue of Doll News magazine - this is possibly the best issue they've ever published for fans of vintage dolls! Includes great articles on the history of Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls, Kachina dolls of the Pueblo Indians, Remco's Littlechap Family, Hallmark doll greeting cards, Effanbee's Most Happy Family and other family doll sets of the late 1950s, Russian stockinette dolls, and much more.

Rare 25" Ginny Baby Doll by Vogue - Made in 1970 Only

The first video in the "Dolls in Depth" series takes a look at the 25" Ginny Baby, offered by Vogue in 1970 only. Do you have any Ginny Baby dolls in your collection?

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