Monday, April 25, 2011

Minty Monday: Effanbee Patsyette Boxed Set

Effanbee's composition Patsy was a real trendsetter. Debuting in the 1920's, she was one of the first American made dolls who was truly modern. She reflected the big changes that were occurring in fashion and society - flappers, bobbed hair, short skirts for little girls. Patsy was a smash hit and Effanbee took the opportunity to put out a whole series of similar dolls in different sizes. Among them were Patsy Ann, Patsy Lou, Patsy Mae, Patsy Baby, and this little sweetheart, Patsyette. At 9" tall, Patsyette was the perfect size for a little girl to take everywhere. This darling set in the original cardboard case holds a dressed doll and three extra outfits. Photo courtesy of Debbie's Dolls.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Doll Club Activities

It took awhile for spring to get to us here in Maine, but it's finally here! In this part of the country, spring and fall are the busy seasons for doll related activities. Doll clubs, doll shows and doll auctions all kick into high gear.

One club that I belong to, the Granite State Doll Club based in Concord, NH, recently held our annual Spring Luncheon. The theme was "Tea Time" and we brought our dolls dressed for the occasion. Our club doll is Denis Bastien's LeeAnn, but all other dolls are welcome too. This year Queen Anne (a UFDC souvenir doll) attended to invite LeeAnn to the upcoming Royal Wedding.

We hold our luncheons in the function room of a local restaurant and enjoy a good meal with good friends, show off our dolls, win raffle prizes and generally have a great time.

The other club I am a member of, the San-D-over Dollers, recently held its annual doll show in Dover, NH. We rent out the Elks Club and have dealers of all types of dolls from antique to modern. We have a good time, everybody goes home with a new treasure, and our club's charitable donations get funded for another year.

Toni is our club doll, and this year we had a display of vintage Tonis by Ideal and American Character, and reproduction Tonis by Effanbee/Tonner.

What's your club been up to? You don't belong to a doll club? Why not?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Minty Monday: Polly Pretend

I love to come across a doll I have never seen or heard of before. This interesting playset is Polly Pretend by Amsco. This unusual concept is that the doll is playing "dress up" with Mommy's shoes, hat, jewelry, curlers, etc. - just like her little owner would. The shoes are a hoot!

Polly Pretend doll on eBay

Amsco is not a company I know too much about. The name is an acronym for American Metal Specialties Corp. and they mostly made doll furniture like beds and high chairs, as well as housekeeping toys. They trademarked the name Amsco in 1950 and their trademark expired in 1992. Polly Pretend appears to have been made in the late sixties or early seventies.

What interesting doll have you come across lately?