Monday, March 21, 2011

Minty Monday: Talking Julia

Oh, this is the stuff of my youth. Believe it or not, although I was born in 1962, I did not own a Barbie doll growing up. But I had this doll, Talking Julia. I also had Mattel's Rock Flowers and Timey Tell and Hasbro's World of Love. That was back when girls still played with dolls until they were 11 or 12. Now they play video games. Sigh.

Talking Julia doll on ebay

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Withington Auction April 7-8

The first Withington doll auction of the year is coming up in just a few weeks. It's scheduled for Thursday and Friday, April 7 & 8 at the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH. There will also be dealers selling out of their hotel rooms on Wednesday afternoon for a little pre-auction shopping fun.

While the auction will be weighted toward antique dolls as usual, there are a number of nice items on both days for the vintage collector, including Vogue Ginnys, Alexander hard plastic dolls, a lovely Effanbee historical replica, some Lencis and more. The boxlots at the end of the day always have some interesting finds. Here are a few of the dolls in the catalog: (Photos courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc.)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Doll club program on Toni

At the San-D-over Doll Club meeting today, we had a program on Toni dolls. We watched the DVD "Which Doll is the Toni?" from UFDC and members brought in a variety of Tonis to share, including the original Ideal hard plastic dolls, the 10" vinyl version from American Character and her larger sisters, and newer reproductions. I normally don't care much for newer dolls, but was very impressed with the repros of the Ideal Toni by Tonner/Effanbee. They look just like the vintage dolls, with beautiful hair and lovely dresses. I wasn't too taken by their repros of the American Character 13" Toni though - she doesn't have the charm of the original, in my opinion.

This type of program, with a DVD and show-and-tell, works well for a small doll club. What has your club been doing lately?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Over 200 new photos added to VDC site

Finally! I have finished uploading over 200 new photos onto a special four page section about the Competitive Exhibit at last summer's UFDC convention in Chicago. Some absolutely wonderful dolls in pristine condition and lots of rarities - bisque, wood, vinyl, hard plastic, compo, advertising dolls, celebrity dolls, paper dolls.

Here is a sample for you: blue ribbon winners in the Mary Hoyer classification. Aren't they lovely?